What We Do

  1. We complete a free, on site consultation with an estate representative to evaluate the estate’s contents.
  2. We discuss timelines for removal and expectations of value.
  3. We then make an offer to purchase the entire contents of the estate and provide a schedule for removal and clean out of all the trash.
  4. If the estate qualifies for an on-site sale, our estate sale service, Hunt & Peck, is suggested.  Go here to read more about that process.
  5. Once the estate is empty we return the keys.

An estate representative does not need to be present during removal so there is little disruption to personal schedules.

NOVA Liquidation can also handle disposal of collectible items and very high value items such as coins, jewelry, or fine art.

We can offer to either purchase those specific objects or we can handle the transfer of those objects to an internationally recognized auction house for maximum results.

If you want to send us photos in advance, that would be helpful. We prefer to see photos of the rooms in general, not close ups of individual items.

Please Note: If you are not sure about items, don’t dispose of anything before we do our estate evaluation.

Just CLICK HERE to send us an email message and we will get back in touch with you.

We help you get through it all so you can get on with your life.