shake handsLet us give you peace of mind when it comes to liquidating an estate.

Here’s how it works:

We insist the family firmly identify and/or remove the items they wish to keep first because it is counterproductive to evaluate an estate on multiple occasions.

We do not require the family to dispose of items or “clean up” the estate before we visit because our price to purchase the estate includes all trash removal if necessary.

Please Note: If you are not sure about items, don’t dispose of anything before we do our estate evaluation.

It is to the estate’s benefit if all the items available for sale including: jewelry, silver, fine art and automobiles are left for our inspection because we usually pay MUCH more for those items than other less reputable merchants.

If the estate qualifies for an on-site sale, our estate sale service, Hunt & Peck, is suggested.  Go here to read more about that process.

If there are items having extreme value, we are happy to handle safe and insured transport of those items to a nationally recognized auction house.

We take the worry out of estate liquidation.