Although both single and married individuals may move many times during adulthood, relocating in later life often involves “downsizing” to a smaller home.

Older adults are often  interested in having less space and fewer home maintenance responsibilities. For some, selling the family home can be a result of a disability, an illness, or the death of a loved one.

For others, this transition is based on a desire to be near family or to experience a new retirement lifestyle in a different area. Regardless of the reason for the move, downsizing from a family home can be a physically exhausting and emotionally draining experience.

In many cases, possessions have been accumulated over a number of years and not everything can (or should) be moved. What results is the need to sift, sort, donate, and dispose of a variety of personal items.

Leaving a family home can be a bittersweet event that involves revisiting many painful and joyful memories. During the process of downsizing many are often surprised at how attached they have become to their possessions and how difficult it might seem to part with them.

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REMEMBER – A life filled with possessions is no competition to a life filled with family, friends, and meaningful connections.

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Please Note: If you are not sure about items, don’t dispose of anything before we do our estate evaluation.

Note: You may want to read Kiplingers “Smart way to get rid of your stuff” here.

Let us provide the help you need when downsizing.