About NOVA Liquidation, LLC

We started NOVA Liquidation to help you get through the ordeal of downsizing or liquidating an estate in a timely manner. We have more than 20 years combined experience in the world of estate liquidation and we know what you are up against.

  • We simply show up, make an assessment, write you a check and take it all away–including all the trash.
  • We buyout most estates up front, but there are some estates better served by an on-site sale. Those properties are handled by our estate sale team, Hunt & Peck. Go here to read more about that process.
  • We offer a “one stop” shop for all your liquidation needs.
  • We even handle gold & silver at prices better than jewelry stores.
  • Most jobs take less than 2 days to liquidate.

We started NOVA Liquidation to fill the void left by other estate service companies. Other companies nickle and dime the estate for setup or moving fees which can eat away at the estate’s value. We offer one price to take it all away. There are no hidden fees and no trash at the end.

  • We understand the burden of objects left behind by a lifetime of accumulation.
  • We respect what is sentimental to you while being realistic about value.
  • We do not provide formal appraisal, but we can provide you with a fair and accurate assessment of your possessions on the spot.

Please Note: If you are not sure about items, don’t dispose of anything before we do our estate evaluation.

Note: You may want to read Kiplingers “Smart ways to get rid of your stuff” here.

Let us give you peace of mind when it comes to liquidating an estate, or helping you downsize.

Why we are different

Unlike other local estate services, NOVA Liquidation does not drag out the liquidation process with an estate sale which requires weeks of set up, a public sale and then piles of trash for the family to deal with.

NOVA Liquidation will write one check to the estate and take EVERYTHING.

There is no public sale and no trash left over. We empty most estates in 4 days or less!

We can handle any size estate in any situation: Home, Condo, Townhouse, Apartment or Assisted Living Facility.

For estates with items of extreme value, we can manage the logistics of passing those items to an internationally known auction house that will communicate with the estate directly.